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HU University of Applied Sciences - Utrecht
Centre for Safety and Security Management Studies

Profile of the university

Utrecht is located in the heart of the Netherlands and has a population of approximately 300,000 people and a long and colourful history, which is reflected in its old city centre. Utrecht is home to around 70,000 young people who study in the city and enjoy its rich cultural life.

The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is one of the largest colleges of higher education in the Netherlands and has over 38,000 students with more than 100 different nationalities. The HU offers mainly Bachelor's degree programmes, but also several Master's degree programmes. Some of these programmes are completely taught in English. Further there are short programmes, minors, non-degree programmes and summer school programmes all taught in English.

The HU University of Applied Sciences is a knowledge institution committed to the innovation and professionalization of professional practice through first-rate education and research.

Description of the study program(s)

  Public Management "(Bachelor)" - read more ...

Possibilities for incoming students

The Centre of Safety and Security Management Studies offers a new international, English taught minor programme ‘Criminal Justice Work’ (30 EC) for international students and students from other Dutch universities

The programme offers students a virtual journey through culturally different legal, governmental and social views on crime control and prevention. The programme consists of six courses offered during the second semester from February till July (30 EC). The classes and lectures consist of an international class room with students from all over the world. It will focus on current development in this field. Assignments and lectures have a practical approach and are developed in co-creation with practitioners in the field. Examination of the courses will be mainly written (group)assignments or exams. In some courses students are required to give an oral (group)presentation.

Students can also participate in other minors in other periods such as Event Crowd Management (30 EC) or in the regular study programme where international courses are available. Some of these programmes or courses are available in English, most of them are in Dutch.

Application before the 1st of February

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Conris related activities

  • Research within the HU University of Applied Sciences is aimed at the innovation of professional practice and is tightly integrated in its education. Knowledge development and knowledge dissemination are key concepts. This knowledge emerges from societal needs, and aims to professionalize current professional practice.

    The HU University of Applied Sciences has outlined different focal areas.
    The professors are standard-bearers in these areas of research. The Centre for Safety and Security Studies welcomed their professors in 2012.

    Conducting research is relatively new to universities of applied sciences: they are still in a pioneering phase in which the professors play an essential and leading role. Based on their personal expertise, and with quality as their guiding principle, the professors formulate research programmes in dialogue with the professional field. Throughout their work, the professors integrate education, research and professional practice.