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Utrecht UAS - Student Exchange

Criminal Justice Work

Semester: spring
Number of ECTS: 30
Language of instruction: English

Profile of the programme

Crime is all over the world and has no borders. Well known examples are international terrorism or organized crime like the mafia. But it shows itself also in petty crimes like possession of cannabis for personal use, smuggling firework or downloading music. They’re all trans-national and it forces the agencies of control from different countries to work together. The police, policy makers, paralegals and social workers, they all play a part in either enforcing the law, crime prevention, upholding legal procedures probation and the reducing recidivism. Globalization requires a comprehensive border-crossing view of professionals working in this field of criminal justice. However the agencies of control represent their cultural context.

Futher Information

This programme offers students a virtual journey through culturally different legal, governmental and social views on crime control and prevention. The programme consists of six courses offered during the second semester of course year 2016/2017 from February till July 2017 (30 EC).

The Institutes of Law, Social Work and Safety and Security Management and the Research Groups ‘Working with Mandated Clients’ and ‘Coordination of Security’ of the Centre of Social Innovation work together on the development of this programme.

The classes and lectures consist of an international class room with students from all over the world. It will focus on current development in this field. Assignments and lectures have a practical approach and are developed in co-creation with practitioners in the field. Examination of the courses will be mainly written (group)assignments or exams. In some courses students are required to give an oral (group)presentation.

Entry requirements

None, if high B2 level of English on the CEF scale has already been attained. Contact coordinator if you have questions.

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